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Remake by Fullmetal0Thunder

Hello, I stumbled across your art while surfing dA and decided to write a critique. ^^

I'll say there are big improvements here but like all artists, there are ways to improve. ^-^ First the hair, I noticed in both versions of the picture the brown portion of the hair is always flat at the top, you shouldn't add lineart where the top of the head is, and with the color using a smudge tool can create that color changing look. The long part of the hair seems pretty stiff, adding more waves can make it look more bouncy and flowy, like real hair. Also, nobody's hair is that perfectly groomed, try drawing some loose strands of hair here and there. going down to the tip.

Next, I'll hit the anatomy. The forehead is out of proportion, it shouldn't be so tall, it makes the head look more like an oval. The eye is also out of proportion as well, just make a little bit smaller. The curve making the bridge of the nose doesn't curve in that far, just make it a little less curvy. The front and hind legs looks really good for the canine anatomy, just make the bottom part of the legs a little thicker.

Last thing is the clothing, you should add wrinkles to give it more of a realistic feel. I can see wrinkles at the bottom of the sleeves and the pantlegs but wrinkles are all throughout the clothing. It also looks like the clothes are attached to the body, adding wrinkle shape to the outline is a simple fix.

I hope I helped ^^,
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