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January 17, 2013
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   ~~~~Chapter 6~~~~
 Nightmare's Journal
  Three years ago, I joined a group and met many cool people. I frequently left to visit and struggled to hide it from my parents. They grew worried about me so I had to stay home some days so they don't figure it out. The group is amazing and I don't want to leave. It is unbelievable how I've evaded getting caught for three whole years, I've had my close calls but my parents have no idea, not yet at least. Anyway, when I joined I met a guy named MudSpot, he's so nice, I think I might like him a little bit but when do I tell him? Maybe soon, maybe later.

  Nightmare Midnight

  Nightmare slipped her journal in the top shelf of her closet and left to go visit the group. She is now a Defender, her collar with more teeth than before. She had a little bit of muscle developing and abs could just barely be seen. Her navy blue shirt has a skull and crossbones on it, her pants are baggy and dark grey, chains hanging from them and jingling as she walks. Nightmare walked into the junkyard, which hasn't changed much, just a few more rickety cars and old tires laying around. Nightmare's ears perked up at the sound of the leader calling everyone together. Everyone gathered around him.
  "Alright, listen up, I've seen people from strange gangs checkin' our place out and I fear they might try to seize it from us. Everybody stay alert and never roam alone." Moonlight yowled. Everyone nodded their heads in agreement and the group broke up. Now it was the talk of the junkyard, everyone had something to say about it. Nightmare didn't have much to say about it and actually got quite annoyed when confronted about it. MudSpot walked up to her and smiled sweetly. "Hey, Nighty, wanna go hang out later?" he asked. "Sure, what time and place?" Nightmare asked. "Sunset at the huge junk pile." MudSpot giggled. "I'll be there." Nightmare promised. "Cool, check ya later!" MudSpot checkled, a little bit of a blush on his face.
  Nightmare left the encounter with MudSpot with a blush slapped across her face and trying to comprehend what just happened. She shook it off and walked around the junkyard. "Wow, being a defender is pretty boring with nothing here to fight." Nightmare thought to herself. She quickly got bored and decided to try her hand at hunting, it didn't take her long to find a target. She targeted a rat, she got on her knees and stalked it, like a bullet she darted out of her crouching position and pounced onto the rat, only one problem; it isn't easy to pounce on what moves faster than you. The rat scuttled quickly, Nightmare successfully caught it by pinning it in a corner. It didn't matter to her how she caught it just so long as she had some food to contribute.
  "Well well well, this is a pleasant surprise. I guess patrolling around got boring huh?" Moonlight asked. Nightmare gasped and looked behind her but then let her guard down after seeing that it was just her leader. "Well, yeah. I didn't see anything around so I decided to do something helpful." Nightmare gave him the rat and he nodded his thanks.  Nightmare remembered that she was to meet MudSpot soon but she didn't look very formal. "Its an informal place so why should I worry?" the thought nagged Nightmare but she put it in the back of her head as she headed for the largest pile of unk in the whole junkyard. She looked up and saw that it was a huge pile of old cars, some looked like they'd fall any second.
  Nightmare jumped onto the hood of one car and jumped up the pile as quick as she could, the pile is more stable than she thought. She reached the top and sat down next to MudSpot. "I'm glad you could make it." MudSpot blushed. "Same here." Nightmare replied. "I called you up here because there is something I gotta tell ya." MudSpot began to studder.
"I-I kinda like ya. We've known each other for three years, I-I think that is enough time for a little crush to develop." MudSpot tried to sound confident but he couldn't. "Well, I kind of like you too." Nightmare admitted. MudSpot smiled and scooted closer to Nightmare, she wrapped her tail around his and they laid back to watch the sun fall. "So, does this mean we're bf and gf?" MudSpot asked. "If you want to be." Nightmare replied, too shy to say yes. MudSpot smiled from ear to ear and pulled Nightmare into a kiss. Nightmare felt a warm feeling spread across her cheeks as MudSpot kissed her. Nightmare broke off the kiss "Do this somewhere more private, we are still out in the open." she suggested. MudSpot laughed awkwardly, his face red as a beet. Nightmare giggled and she jumped off the junk pile and walked home.
Three chapters in one day, I'm onto something. What is this? My writer's block gone for now? Its a miracle! XP

Ohnothischaptertotallydoesn'tshipNightmareandMudSpot. Thatisaboutastrueasmesayingthisisn'tasarcasticstatement.
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