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January 17, 2013
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   ~~~~Revenge Chapter 4~~~~
  Nightmare walks out of her house and walks down the road to go to the playground. She kicks a can as she walks, the soft wind ruffling her long dark grey hair.
  Her ears perk up as she hears some people talking, she peeks around the corner of the bread store and sees two anthros standing there, apparently discussing a plan. "Hey kid, c'mere for a sec." The largest one called to Nightmare. She walked up, not appearing intimidated despite the fact that they were both covered with scars. "Hey, I know you, you're the one that kicked the snot outta ol' Sammy a few years ago." the smaller tom spoke, his amber eyes locked on her dual colored eyes. "So, people know about that?" Nightmare sighed, hoping that incident wouldn't get much attention. "Kid, everybody 'round these parts heard about it. Ya know, to be able to beat someone twice your size you gotta be somethin' else." The largest tom spoke, a rasp in his deep voice. Nightmare looked up at him, his face covered with scars, his orange eyes clouded with thought. His light grey fur swayed as another soft breeze blew by.
  "Look, we were plannin' somethin' but since we saw you we got a plan for you, come with us, now." the amber eyed tom hissed. His brown fur bristled. Nightmare began to worry. She followed the two toms and they lead her into an old abandoned junkyard, there were rusty old cars as far as the eye could see but upon further observation, it began to look like a base of some sort. "In here." the smallest tom directed them to the heart of the junkyard, there was a firepit in the middle. Tires, tarps and other bits of junk were used to make shelter for everyone, Nightmare counted them and saw too many than she could count.
  "Impressive, huh?" the brown furred tom asked. "Yeah, this place is amazing." she replied. "This is our headquarters, kiddo." the amber eyed tom smiled. Nightmare heard pawsteps and looked behind her to see a tall blonde tom, his curly hair is a darker blonde than his fur. His steel grey eyes looked at Nightmare. "So, this is the girl?" He asked. "Yes, master." The brown tom spoke. "So, young one, do you know who we are?" The blonde tom asked, his voice was bold with youth, he sounded like a teenager. "No, I don't." Nightmare answered, her voice began to shake. "Well, I am the leader of a local mob called the Moonlight Warriors. We usually aren't too friendly, but you're young and you have some potential." The leader spoke. "I-I do?" Nightmare asked him. "Yes, you have great potential to help us out greatly. You see, we are like one big family and we were looking to expand our family. I usually don't wave this offer around to any kid I see but you are somethin' else. Did you wanna join us?" He asked her. Nightmare felt very afraid, she wanted to speak but couldn't make a sound. She finally mustered up enough strength to speak "I-I'll join you." Nightmare nodded. The blonde tom smiled and walked up to a post nailed to a car, he took a light blue collar off the rack and grabbed a tooth from his tooth pile that was sitting right beside it. He pushed the tooth through the collar and put some super glue around the edges to hold it in place. "Once this dries, you'll be one of us." He smiled to her.
  "Thank you." Nightmare bowed her head. "By the way, who are you three?" She asked. "My name is Moonlight." the blonde tom said. The brown tom pointed to his grey furred comrade "This is Coal and I am Oak." "Nice to meet you all." Nightmare said, trying to be polite. "No, no, meeting you is our pleasure." Moonlight laughed. "Well, I have to head home now, can I come visit tomorrow?" Nightmare asked Moonlight. "Of course you can, you can come back whenever you like." Moonlight replied. "Okay, see you all later!" Nightmare yelled back to them as she ran home. "See you later." Moonlight muttered to himself.
  "Ah, that poor kit doesn't know what she's getting herself into." a she cat anthro walked into the camp, she lit the fire and sat down near it. "Don't worry, with her history I think she'll grow to like our ways." Moonlight spoke. "The only thing that happened to her was that she almost got her tail whooped, how will that make her into one of us?" the she cat asked, her baby blue eyes watching the fire. Moonlight, Coal and Oak all sat around the fire. "Thunder, do you know how badly a beating can scar someone mentally and emotionally? She'll like it because we'll rub salt in the wounds and she'll believe that we are the way she can earn respect among her peers, and I've seen many a people come and go that'll do anything for some respect." Moonlight hissed. "This is true. We'll just wait and see." Flood spoke. "Sounds like the others are coming." Oak pointed out. A large group of anthros walked in, the front one stood out. His name is MudSpot, he is Nightmare's age but a tad shorter than her, his eyes are citrine yellow. MudSpot is a calico, colors such as brown, dark orange, some flecks of light grey and white splatters his pelt.
  "So, I heard there was a newbie here?" MudSpot said. "And that there is, she'll be an amazing fighter, even as a fighter in training. She's going to be my apprentice." Moonlight laughed evilly. "Oh, I can't wait to meet her, maybe we can train together." MudSpot smiled, wondering what the new girl looks like. "She'll be here tomorrow, don't rush it, MudSpot." Moonlight spoke. Moonlight crawled into his tent, a tarp with tires holding it up, sticks driven through it to hold it in place. He flopped onto his bed, an air mattress and pulled a blanket of animal furs over him and went to sleep.
I finally wrote chapter four. :D
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