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December 21, 2012
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    ~~~~Chapter 3~~~~
   -In Nightmare's journal-
  Dear Journal,
My name is Nightmare Blood Midnight. I am ten years old, my fur is coal black with dark grey stripes going down my body. My left eye is violet purple and my right eye is steel grey. The past four years have been pretty boring, other than Sammy going to jail for a day when I was six. I'll never forget that day, and one day he'll pay for it.

  Nightmare puts away her journal on her bookshelf and walks out of her room, goes downstairs and walks up to her mom.
  "Mom, can I go hang out with my friends?" Nightmare asks
  "Sure, just be home by dinnertime." She replies
  Nightmare opens the door, walks out and closes it behind her.She walks down the road to the park, and on a swing was a girl in a black hoodie. Nightmare walked up cautiously to her.
  "Hello, who are you?" She asks"Me? My name is Sarah Scarlet." She replies, she pulls down her hood and her orange fur and red hair glistens as the sunlight hits it. "Well, aren't you going to introduce yourself?" "I'm Nightmare. Pleased to meet ya." She replies.
  "Is that a British accent I hear?" Sarah asks.
  "Yep!" Nightmare giggles
  "It sounds pretty cool." Sarah quietly said.
  "Thanks!" Nightmare smiles. Nightmare walks up to the swing next to Sarah and sits down.
  "Hey, wanna go hang out at my house?" Nightmare asks.
  "Sure!" Sarah exclaims. "Follow me, my house is that way!" Nightmare yells. She runs to the south, past some stores, then turns right into her neighborhood. It was very well kept, it is rare to find a leaf on the ground because everyone here works to keep the street looking nice. They walk pass a few houses and walk up the driveway of the house on the back of the street. Nightmare opens the door and invites Sarah inside. The girls walk into the living room, the soft carpet tickling their bare paws.
  "Mom, Dad, this is my new friend, Sarah." Nightmare said as she looked at her parents.
  "Hello there." Nightmare's mom smiles.
  "Hi." Nightmare's dad nods to Sarah.
  "Hello everyone." Sarah smiles happily. The girls sit on the couch to watch some T.V. Sarah flips through the channels, nothing too interesting was on until late at night so she turned off the T.V.
  "You know, we can play rock paper scissors." Nightmare suggests. "Okay." Sarah replies. "Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!" She girls yell in unison. Nightmare drew scissors and
Sarah drew rock. "I win!" Sarah exclaims.
  A few hours pass, they had lost track of time talking, playing games and all sorts of other fun things they could come up with. "Oh snap, its getting late!" Nightmare screams. "Oh crap!" Sarah yells. "Don't worry, I can drive you home." Nightmare's mother, Nika offers. Her eyes looked just like Nightmare's eyes, her fur just like Lightfur's, white with black paws, ears and a black spot on her right eye.
  "Thank you." Sarah says calmly. Nika and Sarah walk out the door and into a small, blue car. Nika pulls out of the driveway and begins to drive north, slowly so that she doesn't miss a turn.
  "Isn't it 'bout time you went to bed?" Nightmare's dad, Chance said to her. "Yeah, it is isn't it?" Nightmare replies. "'Night dad, love you!" she calls out as she runs to her room.
  "Night dear, love you too." Chance calls back to her.  
This is a little shorter than my last chapter, but oh well. :P

Finished it! ^^

~BloodysociopathKat's OC, Sarah Scarlet is being put in the story, making it a crossover? I think it would be but if I'm wrong let me know. ^^
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Hey Psstt...Did you Read Sarah scarlet's Sorrow? is gonna Be a crossover with your story...:3
GlaringFeline Dec 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Is it on dA or FanFiction? :3
GlaringFeline Dec 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Read it. :D
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